Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tricks of the Trade: Using the Web

When it comes to preparing to hound an NHL team, there is no greater resource than the Web. It goes beyond research, too. With a little effort, you can find all kinds of information and items you can get signed.

Here are three suggestions that should improve your hockey hounding:

~ Before every hounding trip, I make sure I check out the American Hockey League's transactions page. A quick trip here will show last-minute call-ups or demotions. It's very helpful, too, that you can search by teams.

~ Team sites offer a wealth of information. Digging around a team's news page can yield such useful information as game notes, practice times and road trip details. Most teams or newspapers offer "insider" information as well. In some cases, though, you'll have to sign up to receive this information electronically. News like this can only help you know more about a team.

~ And while you'll find information on a team's Web site, make sure you also check out the multimedia sections. There you'll find downloadable images, primarily wallpapers for your computer, that work real well for signing. Granted, you'll have to print them yourself, but the image is free.

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